Institutions Managed by the Archdiocese



 No  Name and Place
 1  Sanjos Metropolitan School, Thalasserry.
 2  C-operative Educational Egency, Thalasserry.

 Technical Colleges

 No  Name and Place
 1  Vimal Jyothi Engineering College, Chemperi.

 Other Colleges

 No  Name and Place
 1  Nirmalgiri College, Nirmalgiri.

 Health Care

 No  Name and Place
 1  Hospital, Chemperi.

 Rehabilitation Centre

 No  Name and Place
 1  pratheeksha de-adiction centre, Ponniam.

 Other Institutions

 No  Name and Place
 1  Santhome Estate, Kunnoth.
 2  Good Shepherd Pastoral Centre, Padannakkad.
 3  Mother Home Retreat Center, Pariyaram.
 4  Sandeshbhavan, Tellicherry.
 5  Alpha Bible Institute, Thalasserry.

 Media Centre

 No  Name and Place
 1  internet mission, Tellicherry.

 Charitable institutions

 No  Name and Place
 1  Karunalayam & Samthwamam, Chemperi.

 Social Service

 No  Name and Place
 1  TSSS, Thalasserry.

 Priest Home

 No  Name and Place
 1  Priest Home, Karuvanchal.

 Counselling centre

 No  Name and Place
 1  Santhitheeram-Center for Counselling & Psychotherapy, Ponniam.

 Diocesan Office

 No  Name and Place
 1  Catechism, Department of.
 2  Curia, Tellicherry.
 3  Bishops House, Tellicherry.

 Major Seminary

 No  Name and Place
 1  Good Shepherd Major Seminary, Kunnoth.

 Minor Seminary

 No  Name and Place
 1  John Paul II Formation Centre, Ponniam.
 2  Minor Seminary, Thalasserry.