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Syro-Malabar Church Internet Mission (SMCIM) was started as per the decision of the XIV Synod of Bishops of the Syro-Malabar Church in August 2006. is the web portal of the Syro-Malabar Church Internet Mission. Internet Mission of Archdiocese of Thalassery is a divisional unit of Syro Malabar Internet Mission.

Its functions are divided into two.

1. Online Media and social communication

The internet mission primarily assists in various functions of Syro Malabar Internet mission which are related to the Tellichery Archdiocese such as data collection and updating of various mobile applications. It manages the various social media platforms of the Archdiocese including the Youtube channel, Facebook Page, and Archdiocesan Website. It also manages an Internet Radio station Ephphatha Radio.

2. Online Accounting

The internet mission overlooks the centralized accounting of churches under the archdiocese and helps the churches with the issues in accounting.

  • 0091-490 2341058(R),
    091-490-2342440 (curia)
  • 0091-490 2341412
  • P.B.No.70, Tellicherry-670101

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