INFAM was founded in the year 2000 under the support of the CatholicChurch. During these years it could assist the farmers in today's changing and challenging farming circumstances in a considerable way. Presently, the farming is faced with different challenges and changes. The State Govt. and the Central Govt. are not taking a strong step for the improvement of the farming and do not redress their issues with due importance. Down through these years it could bring to light the real struggle and apprehension of the farming community and also to create a consciousness in the farmers on their rights and obligations. It could press the Government and other NGOs to launch constructive and dynamic measures to care for the Indian farmers & farming .The farmers of Kerala are the back bone of our economy. The toils and sweat of our farming community undoubtedly contribution a major share to the growth and development of our country. But it is a fact that they are the victims of untold miseries as the issues and problems faced by the farmers are often unaddressed. It is at this juncture the Church felt the inner call to be attentive to their problems, address them and find lasting solutions.

The Church felt the need to organise the farming community to a movement in order to conscientize them, raise their issues and improve their conditions. Thus, the year 2000 saw the birth of a farmers’ movement called INFAM under the able leadership and guidance of KCBC. Through the continuous support of ecclesial authorities the farmers movement gained vitality. Ever since its inception it has been focussing and providing a common podium for farmers, irrespective of their religious and political back grounds, to work whole heartedly for the realisation of its common objectives and the fulfilment of their dreams.

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